What sets us apart?

We know what we are talking about

A technology driven service. We know where your candidates are.

Recruitment has evolved but for some reason other agencies rely on outdated tools and methodologies. Trilogic combines traditional, social and modern approaches.

A business founded by passionate people in the know

It may surprise you, but most other recruiters have no idea what your roles entail. They match buzzwords. We actually understand and can sift through the waffle.

An honest and candid approach to modern-day recruitment

We don’t beat around the bush. You can speak freely with us whilst we operate total discretion. Just tell us “who” you’re looking for; we will keep you compliant.

You can have as much or as little involvement as you want

Just want us to write your job spec? Fine. Want us to stay on site with you to find candidates and interview them with you? Fine.

Industry leading terms of business

We are completely confident in our abilities to place candidates so we have designed extremely flexible payment terms and cooling off periods.

We accept credit facilities

Enjoy the protection that credit cards can offer you. We accept all major credit & debit cards as a payment method. Spread your recruitment fees over as long as you want.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I consider using a recruitment agency?
There are so many reasons. Yes you can do it yourself but you have better things to be doing, and also we will undoubtedly be more experienced and yield a more effective result. There are short-term and long-term cost savings to using a recruitment agency that we'd happily explain to you in person. We have vast market knowledge to save you time and allow you to make educated decisions. The tools and resources that we have available guarantee a wider candidate reach.
How much do you charge for your services?
Our charge is dependent on what type of employment you are recruiting for. If it is a permanent role then we usually charge a percentage of the annual salary that is offered.
For temporary (temp/contract/fixed term/interim) roles we would charge a percentage of the hourly/daily rate. So to simplify matters for the client, we can payroll the candidates and then we apply a fee to cover their pension, holiday, AWR, sick pay etc.
Can you recruit for roles other than IT, Engineering & Finance?
Our speciality lies in recruiting for IT, Engineering and Finance roles, however we do have expertise in other fields including, Marketing, Business Support, Sales to name a few. We will of course recruit for other roles and have resources to suit most industries.
What companies have you recruited for?
We have recruited for companies of all sizes. From sole traders, right up to international organisations. We are happy to work on a single role, but we also have experience in sourcing over 100 candidates at a time!
What recruitment services/candidates do your offer?
We can offer recruitment services for all your Permanent, Temporary, Interim, and Contract staff requirements. We also offer an executive search for more Senior roles. Other services include head hunting, talent acquisition, C-Suite negotiations, graduate roles, retainer service, CV database access and client/vendor/candidate portals.
How many candidates do you have access to?
We have hundreds of candidates who apply or register directly with us daily. We subscribe to CV databases with over 20 million actives CVs. We can filter candidates by so many parameters that we can find you the perfect match. These databases have around 125 thousand CVs added/updated weekly.
What experience do you have?
Our Directors have over 40 years of combined experience in Business & Directorships, all having taken numerous businesses from initial concept to multi-million-pound turnovers.
We also have recruitment experience though careers in some of the biggest recruitment agencies.
How do you qualify candidates?
All the candidates we represent are vetted over numerous stages. From an initial phone call where we discover more about the candidate to a face to face meeting where we verify all necessary documents and really get an in-depth insight in to their skillsets. We check references and validate their bold claims.
What happens if the candidate leaves, or I don't like them?
We appreciate candidates don't work out, and we understand that it can take a while to understand how good a new hire is. We can assure that you won't lose out by offering a free replacement service. We also have a generous rebate period, above industry standards, to give you that extra peace of mind.
Who will I be dealing with?
You will have your very own consultant and dedicated resourcer. Always at least 2 people on a role and for larger hires, we'd scale up accordingly. You'll be introduced to one of the Director's too, so you have another point of contact for any further assistance. One of our core values is transparency, so if you need the contact details for a Director, just ask.
Can I use your offices for interviews?
Yes. We offer the use of our offices and all its facilities as part of the service we provide. We understand that sometimes it is not always feasible to hold interviews or meetings on your own premises so you will have full use of our own. We have two meeting spaces available depending on your needs: an intimate meeting room or a larger board room. This means you can conduct quiet and confidential meetings/interviews away from your location. You may also want to hold a day of interviews at our location for your candidate's convenience. We have free parking on-site, and we are happy if you'd like one of us to sit in on the interviews with you.